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Keep the change my good man. Tell your friends that today you had the pleasure of transporting Woodney, the legendary "Black Cat".

—Woodney, Chapter 44

Biographical Information

ウドニ ー



Also known as

Black Cat

Basic Information



20 (Anime)
35 (Manga)


January 9th

Blood Type



167cm / 5'6"


81 kg / 178.6 lbs

Hair Color


Eye Color




Professional Information

Sweeper (Formerly)




Chapter 43 (Mentioned)
Chapter 44 (Debut)


Episode 11

Voice Actors
Japanese Voice

Bon Ishihara

English Voice

Jeremy Inman

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Woodney (ウドニ ー Udoni) is a supporting character in the Black Cat series. He impersonates the "Black Cat" (Train Heartnet), but later becomes an informant after being confronted, and saved by Train for doing so.


Woodeny is a short, overweight man with dark brown hair and a goatee. He wears a black jacket, red muscle shirt, and black pants. His round, black eyes show a great deal of innocence and purity.


Woodney has a cheerful personality. He is extremely demonstrative and optimistic, showing faith in Train at all times, and usually enthusiastic. He is a coward when trouble arises, and usually seeks safety behind his comrades, but occasionally has spurts of courage. He humorously acts as a younger brother-like figure to Train.


His past is largely unknown. It is hinted that he was an informant before changing his occupation to a sweeper to impersonate Train.


The Impostor Arc

Woodney decides to impersonate the legendary Black Cat to make it as a sweeper. He goes to Fector town to capture Blum Pullman, a criminal who has escaped prison. Later, he encounters a young girl, Eve, and invites her to eat cake with him, but she knocks him out.

Woodney wakes up in a unfamiliar room and meets Train Heartnet and Sven Vollfied. He and Train quickly become friends, mainly because Woodney offered to by food.

As they are walking through the town, they encounter a gang led by Stamper Wilson, who wants to challenge the Black Cat. Train fights him instead and wins. Woodney, after seeing Train in action, realizes that the man is actually the real Black Cat.

As the trio are about to leave Fector town, Woodney suddenly shows up dressed as Train and proclaims that he wants to be the Black Cat's apprentice, but Train refuses. They drive away and Woodney chases them.

Cerberus Arc

Train manages to convince Woodney that he was much more useful as an informant. He gives them a tip about a bounty in Stock town, but it turns out that the criminal had already been arrested two days ago and the tip, which was planted by Sephiria Arks, was unreliable.

Anime Plot

Woodney is impersonating the "Black Cat". He even had the number '13' tattooed on his left forearm, although he done so using Arabic numerals rather than Roman. However, after being rescued by Train, he then attempts to be his sidekick.

Woodney joins Train and his group, and tends to develop a friendly relationship with the group, calling Train "brother" and shown carrying Eve on his shoulders. He is attacked by Flora the dinosaur, but saved by Train and the Sweeper's Alliance. Woodney sits out the battle against Creed, but joins the group as they try to save Eve. He plays with the orphans that Train and Eve helped earlier.


Train Heartnet

Train and Woodney quickly got along, mainly because Woodney invited the sweeper to lunch. He was initially unaware that Train was the real Black Cat and finally realized it when he saw Train in action. Afterwards, he decided he wanted to be Train's apprentice, but Train managed to convince him that he would be more useful as an informant.


When they first met, Woodney thought that Eve had a crush on him and apologized for "causing her to be mesmerized by magnificence.". He invited her to have cake and grabbed her hand to take her with him, but Eve knocks him out. Later, when he woke up, he saw her again and was relieved that she was alright.


  • He is one of the few recurring characters that has no profile in the manga, nor a last name, thus, the details of his life before meeting Train and the group remain unknown. His age is also in question, as he acts like a younger sibling to Train in the anime.
  • Woodney is one of the only characters to have his eyes drawn in a way that symbolizes innocence and purity.
  • He is the only one besides Train to use the Black Cat Mantle.


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