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  • Name: Warp World
  • User: Doctor
  • Type: Tao
  • Debut (manga): chapter 158
  • Debut (anime): none

Warp World allows Doctor to literally create another dimension where he controls absolutely everything, and where everything he imagines comes into existence. He can make

Doctor in Warp World

pictures talk, dolls move like living beings, make things appear out of nowhere and even increase the size of a room. Furthermore, he has an unexplained access to people's memories and can give life to things in their mind, or to their memories. Doctor can bring anything into the Warp World but he cannot directly transform or manipulate objects or people from the real universe. Outside the Warp World, Doctor is a regular human who can only rely on his manipulation of ki to fight, which he apparently cannot use in a real battle, perhaps because of the complex process it likely implies. Yet, when inside the Warp World, he becomes virtually invincible, no matter how powerful his foe may be. When he must face an enemy, Doctor enters the Warp World and awaits his foe inside. Doctor can make the entry of the Warp World (which looks like a door to an operation room) wherever he wants to. Usually it appears near his enemies, so that they would enter without

Train in Warp World

knowing and become trapped. Inside the Warp World, Doctor can separate people, and send them into different places. As he can separate the Warp World itself into totally different spaces. He usually remains in a safe space and watches his enemies struggle against something they cannot defeat (usually created fighters impervious to any harm which he can transform to distract his foes) in a space from which they cannot escape.

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