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Verthagna is the weapon of the Time guardian, Beluga J. Heard, also known as number XI. It is made of Orichalcum, which is the strongest metal on earth.


Verethagna is a gigantic bazooka made of Orichalcum and laced with Gold. It has the roman number XI engraved on it.


Verethagna is a bazooka that can fire giant, powerful bullets. It can also be used as a mace for close range attacks. In addition to that, it is made of Orichalcum, making it indestructible. Due to its enormous size, the user must be physically strong to use this weapon.They also have to be exceptional marksmen with great accuracy.

Weapon Design

Verethagna is a bazooka with the shape of a hammer so that it can be used as both. It is incredibly large, larger than its wielder, and is meant for both close and far range attacks.


Beluga received Verthagna after becoming the Time guardian XI.


  • Verethagna is one of the few Chrono weapons not named after a deity in Greek mythology. It is named after a figure in Zoroastrianism.