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    Message Wall

    February 3, 2012 by . .-. ..- -.. .. - ---

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello there, I haven't been very active lately, but I'm still lurking around all the time, and have noticed Chao-Chan's wonderful contributions to the wiki, and I'd just like to extend a warm Thank You from the Black Cat Wiki Staff. We hope you'll continue to contribute in such enormous way.

    Anyway, this blog is more to tell you few readers that this wiki now has the Message Wall feature instead of Talk Pages. All your Talk Pages have been archived and still be accessed, but now you have a more streamlined and social of communication.

    If you want more information on the new Message Wall feature, check this link Here.

    Well that's it really, Happy Editing!

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    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    It's that time of year yet again folks! When everyone is hyper-active, hyper-happy and sometimes hyper-frustrated! Some people love it, some people hate it, regardless, Christmas brings everyone together! And so, to show our Christmas spirit, the Black Cat Wiki has a brand new Christmas theme!
    There's not really much in this piece of News other than an update on the Theme, just a reminder that we're looking for some Staff who can help out on the wiki, for more information on what Staff entails, check the Staff Page, and if you want to apply for a Staff position, you have to have say, at least 50 edits, rather Substantial edits, not just fixing a mispelled word or two, revamps, adding information, or going through a w…

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    December 7, 2011 by . .-. ..- -.. .. - ---

    Welcome to the News Feed!

    Alright people of the Black Cat Wiki, this here is the first piece of News on the News Feed I've been working on! This shall summarise the changes I've made around the place (Yes this was a blog a made earlier, but now it's on the new feed, so I had to pretty it up somewhat. There are no actual changes to the content apart from this message).

    This News Feed will allow the Black Cat Wiki Staff to quickly and easily communicate to the Wiki community, although there aren't really many editors here, it still makes the place look nicer! Alright, well onto the news we go!

    Alright people, although I'm pretty sure no one will read this anyway, I feel it's neccessary to update everyone on the MANY changes that have occured and…

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