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Yes, you're the demon.

—Torneo Rudman

Torneo Rudman
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Toruneo Rudoman

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May 5th

Blood Type



170 cm / 5'7"


85 kg / 187.4 lbs

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Eve ("Daughter")



Professional Information

Smuggler, Crime lord


Creed Diskenth (formerly)


Chapter 4


Episode 1

Voice Actors
Japanese Voice

Shin Aomori

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Torneo Rudman (トルネオルドマン Toruneo Rudoman) was an arms-smuggling crime boss with connections to the Apostles of the Stars and a bounty of at least half a million dollars. He was the one who funded Eve's creation and was her original owner.


Torneo was a short, overweight, old man, with grey hair, and black eyes. he wore a black suit, and other expensive clothes.


Cold, cruel, heartless, and selfish, Torneo cared about no one but himself. He was a determent man who would do anything to accomplish his goals. He lacked any morals, seeing as he made a fortune off of selling weapons, even making a weapon out of a child.


Torneo hired Tearju Lunatique and other scientists to develop living bio-weapons to sell. They created Eve, a young girl with the power to change her body at will. Torneo raised her in an isolation, teaching her to be a killing machine.

Under unknown circumstances, Torneo met Creed Diskenth and funded the Apostles of the Stars.

Manga Plot

Eve Arc

Torneo orders Eve to kill one of his subordinates for failing at his job. Train, however, intervenes, and stops Eve before she could kill the man. Train throws a smoke bomb, that enables him, and Eve to escape.

Torneo tracks down Eve to find her with Sven. He takes the girl back to the mansion after she stabbed the sweeper.

Back at the mansion, Torneo reminds Eve that she is a weapon, and slaps her for showing tears. Flitt, a subordinate, informs him that the sweeper who had attacked them earlier was back. After learning that 30 of his men were down in just a short time, Torneo orders Fllit to bring him the N.S serum, despite the other man's concern of what the serum what would do to the young girl's body.

Torneo meets Sven at the Garden. He is impressed that the sweeper has recovered in a short period of time, and argues with him over Eve's future. Seeing that the girl agrees with Sven, Torneo grabs her, and tries to inject her with the N.S serum, but is stopped, and arrested by Train and Sven. Realizing that Train is the legendary Black Cat, Torneo informs him of Creed, before watching in horror as his lab is consumed by fire (Caused by Rinslet.).

Three days later, Torneo is taken to the police department. He notices that the policemen around him have suddenly lost their control over their bodies, and unwillingly raise their guns at him. One guards tells him that his role is over, before shooting him. It is later revealed that he was killed by Creed, with the help of Shiki's manipulation abilities.

Anime Plot

Torneo arrives in Eve's room to see two people (Sven and "Elena") there, along with the notorious Black Cat, who is pointing his gun at Eve. His men drive the intruders out Later, Torneo orders Eve to kill one of the guards for failing to do his job properly. Eve however, refuses and leaves to search for her real target, the Black Cat.

Torneo orders his men to bring her back, which they do. When the three intruders from before return, Torneo injects Eve with the N.S serum, unleashing her true potential. When he witnesses his underground laboratory go up in flames, he breaks down, and walks towards the burning fire, ignoring his subordinates' pleas to come back.



Despite being her "father", Torneo only saw Eve as a weapon to serve him instead of a child. He was very harsh, and intimidating towards her. He was also abusive, and manipulative, always telling her that she is a monster, and slapping her when she didn't listen to him, as well as turning her into a mindless monster with no regard to her well-being. His cold, heartless treatment was what encouraged Eve to go with Sven.

Creed Diskenth

Torneo worked with Creed, unaware that his "partner" was only using him, and was planning on disposing of him once he is no longer useful to Creed. Apparently, Torneo respected Creed, and got along with him.


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