Tim Vertical



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ティム バーティカル


Timu Bātikaru

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March 26

Blood Type

Type AB


147 cm


44 kg

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Chapter 63

Voice Actors
Japanese Voice

Motoko Kumai

English Voice

Colleen Clinkenbeard

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Tim Vertical is a character in Black Cat. He appears in both the anime and manga but his role is different.


Tim is a child, with spiky dark green hair. He also has a band-aid on the left side of his face.


Tim is very stubborn and doesn't like to listen to people shorter or younger then he is. Though he looks up to Train. In both versions Tim wants to know how to use a gun, but after Train helps him he doesn't care anymore.


In the manga Tim's father was a news reporter that had evidence of a police man named Bouldin, who, was making deals with the mafia.
Tim's Dad's Death

Tim's dad's death

So Bouldin killed Tim's father, but before he died he gave Tim the roll of evidence. After that Bouldin and the mafia have been trying to kill Tim, and Tim had been trying to do the same.

In the anime Tim, along with Leon Elliott and other orphans, formed a makeshift family to take care of each other. After Leon leaves, Tim becomes the unofficial leader of the group.


Manga Summary

In the manga Tim first meets Train Heartnet by falling on Train out of a tree. A group of men then appear and start shooting at him, but thanks to Train they got away. Noticing Train's gun Tim wants Train to kill Bouldin or at least teach him how to use one. Train, realising that Tim's story is just like his own, agrees to help Tim. Then the mafia appear lead by Murdoch, Bouldin's right hand man. When Train beats them he confronts Bouldin at the police station. Tim then appears and witness Train shooting Bouldin. Outside Tim becomes saddened thinking about his father and doesn't know why he feels "Horrible". Train tells Tim that he didn't kill Bouldin, only stunned him with a paralysis paint bullet. After that they take Tim to his aunt's house and he tells them that he will be a news reporter just like his dad.

Anime Summary

In the anime Train and Eve run into a group of orphans who are being attacked by a group of men. They find out that the group wants the kids to leave so Train and Eve decided to help. When the men come back Train defeats them and they leave for good. Tim and the kids thank Train and Eve. When the Apostles of the Star are defeated, Leon Elliott goes back to the orphans but when Eden attacked, it captured Tim. After Eden is defeated Tim is brought back. At the end of the series Leon, Tim, Layla, and all the kids are working at a food restaurant and Leon and Tim talk about what they've been through to get there.




  • In the anime Tim has a happy face on his shirt, while Leon has a frown face on his jacket.


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