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If a gun won't do the trick...I'll just have to change my method.

—Silphy Deacroft, Chapter 141

Silphy Dearcroft
Biographical Information

シルフィー デアクロフト


Shirufi Deakurofuto

Basic Information





July 11

Blood Type



168 cm (5'6")


52 kg

Hair Color


Eye Color



Unnamed Father (Deceased)



Professional Information



Sweeper's Alliance


Chapter 129


Episode 15

Voice Actors
Japanese Voice

Junko Minagawa

English Voice

Gwendolyn Lau

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Silphy Dearcroft (シルフィー デアクロフト Shirufī Deakurofuto) is another one of the Sweepers who forms the Sweeper's Alliance.


Silphy has short, spiky, blonde, hair, and grey eyes. She wears black pants, black top, black top, and a pink, sleeveless jacket. For accessories, she wears a pair of small, white earrings.


Silphy is an experienced sweeper with a six year backgound. She a bold and daring young woman. She does not like being protected, or excluded from fights simply because she is a female, and is ready to challenge anyone who thinks so.


Silphy's father was a sweeper who taught her various techniques when she was a child. Her father died in a plane crash when she was fifteen years old. It was speculated that a crime organization with a grudge against him were behind the accident, but nothing was ever proven. Nevertheless, Silphy still aspired to follow her father's footsteps and became a sweeper when she was eighteen years old.

Manga Plot

Alliance Arc

Silphy, along with other Sweepers for the Sweeper's Alliance and set out to capture Creed Diskenth. Along the way, they encounter Shiki, who attacks them and causes their chip to sink.

After getting washed up on the Apostle's island, Silphy encounters and battles Deek Slasky, but he manages to deliver an attack that continually freezes her until she turns into a complete ice statue. However, while the ice is still spreading through her arm, Sven appears and fights Deek, damaging so that his Chi is not strong enough to maintain the spell, saving Silphy.

Anime Plot

Silphy is one of the sweepers who join Glin's sweeper's alliance. When the runaway dinosaur,Flora interrupts their meeting, Silphy saves Woodney from being eaten and helps restrain the dinosaur, earning a share of the reward.

They sweepers then head to Kraken island to capture Creed. Their boat is destroyed by Echidna Parass. Silphy survives and washes up on the island. She encounters Preta Ghoul, who mistakes her for Saya Minatsuki. He attacks and severely wounds her, but she is saved by Sven Vollfied and Eve.

When Eve is kidnapped to activate Eden, Silphy joins Train and the other sweepers, along with some of the Apostles to save her. They fight and defeat the Zero Numbers. Once the battle is over, Silphy departs with Kevin McDougall and River Zastory.

Equipment and Abilities


Hand-to-hand combat: Silphy is an experienced combatant, and prefers kick style.

Marksmanship: Silphy is proficient in wielding a gun.

Guns: Silphy owns a pistol and can use it well

Knives: In addition to guns, Silphy can also use knives.


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