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Sigurd is the Orichalcum weapon of Chronos Number IX, David Pepper. It is made out of Orichalcum, the strongest metal in the world.


Sigurd is a simple deck of cards. The number of cards are unknown. They appear as simple, solitaire cards that glow when used.


Despite looking harmless, the cards are actually very sharp and can cut through anything, or anyone. This is to be expected, seeing as they are made of Orichalcum. Sigurd can be used as both, a melee weapon and projectiles, and even as barrage. The user must be an exceptional marksman and have perfect accuracy to use this weapon.

Weapon Design

Sigurd has no weapon design, it was designed to appear as a deck of cards, making it the least threatening of all the Chrono weapons. This however, allows it's user to hide it in plain sight.


David received Sigurd after becoming the Chrono number IX.


  • Sigurd is the only Chrono weapon named after a Nordic Hero.