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The Shooting Star Unit are the Apostles of the Stars' regular soldiers, nicknamed "the octopus gang" by Train Heartnet. They form an army of masked warriors fanatically devoted to Creed Diskenth, who blindly obey the Tao wielders' command. They were part of the terrorist organization from the very beginning but they aren't revealed until around the middle of the story. There are many of them in each hideout of the Apostle of the Star. They mostly serve as guards and field agents who operate in lage group under the command of one or several Tao wielders, but some also serve as butlers.

They all wear a special armour that can withstand an explosion. Because of this, they can only be defeated by striking their mask or the gaps in the joints of the armor, (invisible from the outside) or by an attack powerful enough to break through the armour. They are all very skilled warriors and marksmen, who use machine guns, normal guns or retractable daggers hidden in their sleeves. Some can even cary a bazooka or a battery of missiles. When defeated they won't hesitate to blow themselves up in a last ditch effort to kill "those who oppose Lord Creed."

The Kiseitai

The Kiseitai  also known as the Phantom Star Brigade is a group of five bio-fused weaponry with nano-tech power.


  • Train calls them Octopus
  • They are apparently nude underneath there outfits as shown by eve when she cut the outfit to shreds
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