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Seiren is Lin Xiao Li's weapon. It is made of Orichalcum, the strongest metal on earth.


Seiren is a very long, thin, purple scarf with a chain that has the roman number X on it. It is one of the weirdist and least threatining looking weapon.


Despite it's harmless appearance, Seiren is actually one of the deadliest weapons. It is made of Orichalcum cloth, making it invincible. It can act as a sheild, or a whip that can slice anything. Seiren appears to also have the ability to expand. Like all the other Chrono weapons, it requires it's user to be an expert.

Weapon Design

Seiren is a scarf and as a result, it is the least threatening of all the Chrono numbers. The only indicator that it is a weapon of a Time guardian is the chain with the roman number X on it.


Seiren was given to Lin by Sephiria Arks when the former became the new number X.


  • Lin receiving Seiren instead of Ash's Cane may suggest that replacements of deceased Time guardians do not inherit their predessors' weapon.