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Here you will find some general rules to understand how the Wiki works.


  • Formality: use formal speech, so no slang, or abbreviations such as "He's" "Eve's". You can however, use these abbreviations: "didn't", "can't", "it's", etc....
  • Neutrality: keep your tone neutral and clear of bias. No phrases such as "Train is handsome", "Eve's awesome", "Rinslet's a sexy woman.", etc...


Like many mangas, Black Cat has several, different translations across the web. We only use Viz Media's translation because it officially licensed the Manga. This means that we follow its name spelling (Annette Pias, not Annette Pierce. Lin Shaolee, not Lin Xiaoli.).


Not everyone knows this.

Add references for any facts that many may be unfamiliar with, especially in the Trivia section. We do not add for appearances, plot, history, or other section unless the information eludes many people. For example, Eve was 133 cm in the begining of the manga, but in Chapter 65, it is stated that she is 138 cm. If the references are too much, put them in a scroll box.

Note: Not everything in the trivia section has to be named. You can instead say "In Chapter 3...".

Below are articles explaining the details of this wiki's guidelines, and it's important that one must go through them before making any contributions to any articles.

  • Basic Rules
    • Here you will find the basic and general rules to follow on this wiki. Must are common sense when making edits on any wiki, but also includes rules that the Black Cat wiki prefers to go by.

  • Manual of Style
    • This article contains all the following articles that pertain to the style and format of certain article categories. Reading these will tell you how we format these articles, such as: Characters, Chapters, Episodes, etc. It's important to follow these so we can have a neat and organized wiki.

  • Image Policy
    • There are various policies to follow when uploading images. This article goes into detail with all image uses on this wiki.

  • Reasons for Banning
    • You'll find reasons that cause one to get banned here. To avoid that, please read the article to refrain from making such mistakes.