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Tomokazu Seki

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Dave Wittenberg

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The Rich Man is a reoccurring minor character in the Black Cat anime who was never given an actual name.


The Rich Man when he isn't drunk.

The Rich Man has light brown hair, blue eyes, and wears a suit. When he is drunk, he has a super deformed, chibi-like appearance. He only appears sober once in the entire anime. When he is sober he appears normal and is shown to be quite handsome.


He is very flirtatious and polite when he is sober. However, when he is drunk he gets silly and clumsy.

Anime Plot

The rich man attends Lib Tyrant's party, where he is drunk, and keeps making a mess, and annoying Sven.

At another party, he is chatting with Rinslet, who is posing as Elena. He invites her to spend the summer at his mansion, but she kindly declines, and leaves.

The man, now drunk, catches her steeling a secret file, so Rinslet beats, and ties him up. He manages to break free, and calls the cops.

While walking out of a bar, once again drunk, the Rich man bumps into Flora.

The rich man is walking down the streets, all drunk. He is one of the many who get sucked by Eden.

At some point, he starts dating Tanya, then later gets dumped.


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