Black Cat Wiki

Certain actions will not be tolerated on the wiki. Some will get you a slap on the wrist, while others will have more severe consequences: getting banned.

The following below will go through and explain what can get you in trouble and the actions we take to these offenses. Please read through this article so that you may avoid making any of these mistakes.

Committing an Offense

Certain offenses are dealt with differently:

Offenses that involve the editing/contribution of articles, depending on the level of vandalism, will be monitored at first. Examples include (but not limited to), an edit where an admin has to go and perform a rollback to fix a mistake and/or vandalism and you return to change it again, repeated instances where a contributor will repeatedly edit articles with bad grammar and sentence structure without proofreading before saving, or other edits not made in good faith. You will be given 3 chances, after which you will receive a verbal warning. Any further action done will be handle in the following way:

  • First Offense: Warning
  • Second Offense: Warning
  • Third Offense: 1 Month Ban
  • Fourth Offense: Warning
  • Fifth Offense: Banned for Life

After having received 3 warnings, you'll be permanently banned; strike three, you're out.

Severe vandalism will be taken care of immediately, without monitoring! You'll receive 2 warnings and the 3rd action will immediately result in a ban.

Offenses that are regarding the community will result in action being taken immediately. Examples include (but not limited to), harassing/bullying another user, acting childish, and being inappropriate. First offense will immediately result in a warning, and if such actions continue, the action we take will be the same as above.

Reasons for Banning

  • Breaking any of the Basic Rules
  • Edits not made in good faith.
  • Harassing another user
  • Acting childish
  • Performing vandalism
  • Creating multiple accounts and causing havoc
  • Deleting article/images/files
  • Ignoring warnings