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Hades, an Orichalcum weapon.

Orichalcum a super metal used by the Chronos Numbers to make their weapons. It is one of the strongest materials in existence and gives those with orichalcum weapons and armor a huge advantage over others.

List of Weapons

Christ Sword

Gungir Spear

Artemis bow

Anubis' Tail

Excellion Wire Glove

Heimdall Ball and Chain

David's Cards

Ash's Cane

Seiren Feather Mantale

Hades Revolver

Mars Knife

Dioskouroi Tonfas

Verethragna Bazooka

Clevar's Pistol



  • ​Orichalcum is a fictional metal that is said in stories to have come from the lost city of Atlantis.