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Here, you'll find the guidelines for the Weapons page. If you have any ideas you'd like to add to these pages, please start a blog and talk to other users, or message an admin.


First, add an image to the weapon in question. It must be a clear image of the weapon. Then, fill out the following:

  • User:
  • Type:
  • Weight:
  • Debut (manga)
  • Debut (anime)

After that, add a small introduction


Describe how the weapon looks like.


Write everything this weapon can do. Mention weaknesses as well.

Weapon Design

Write about the weapon's design in detail. Describe this design and explain how it is used in battle. For example, Hades has a string attached to it so that Train can throw it at an enemy then retrive it.


Write about how the user obtained his/her weapon.


Mentions some facts about this weapon.


Add photos that clearly show the weapon, especially whhen it's being utilized. Make sure the images follow the Image Policy.