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"A Lonely Cat"

6 October 2005

Train Heartnet and Sven Vollfied pursue the same target without realizing it, the feared mobster and soon-to-be governor, Lib Tyrant. Train kills Lib and escapes. Sven discovers later on that Train is a Chronos Number. Train meets Saya Minatsuki for the first time on the rooftop while she is singing her song.


"A Bewildered Cat"

13 October 2005

Rinslet Walker, disguised as Elena, hires Sven to rescue her "sister," who is really Eve. Train helps Saya Minatsuki take down Preta Ghoul, a murderer with corrosive powers. Afterwards, Train meets Belze and is then sent to kill Rinslet's "sister."


"A Cat in the Dark"

20 October 2005

Sven arrives as Train is about to shoot Eve. Her kidnappers interrupt them, and they both retreat. Sven confronts Rinslet, who explains that Eve is a bio-weapon. Sven runs into Eve at a park and befriends her, giving her ice cream. However, Eve is re-captured.


"A Smiling Cat"

27 October 2005

With Rinslet, Train and Sven go to rescue Eve. Eve's captor, Torneo Rudman, has a device planted on Eve that turns her into a monster. He commands her to kill Train, but Sven removes the device (at the cost of being stabbed) and everyone escapes.


"A Determined Cat"

3 November 2005

Train decides to leave Chronos because of a conversation with Saya. Chronos sends Creed Diskenth to kill Train, but Creed is defeated. Creed then asks Train to join him in a revolution against Chronos. Sephiria Arks goes to stop them. 


"A Targeted Cat"

10 November 2005

Sephiria and Train are attacked by one of Creed's Tao masters. They escape when Saya's song dispels his magical insects. Saya goes to the wharf to watch fireworks with Train, but Creed shows up and kills her. Train, who actually developed feelings for her, takes revenge against Creed. .


"A Wounded Cat"

17 November 2005

As Train and Creed fight, they accidently set off an explosion. Train is found by Eve and Sven, who tend to his wounds. Meanwhile, Jenos Hazard, the Chrono number VII, sets out to capture Eve, but is defeated by Train. Train decides to become a sweeper and accompanies Sevn and Eve.


"A Traveling Cat"

24 November 2005

Train, Sevn, and Eve set out to capture a criminal called Igor Planter, who is appraoched by Charden Flamberg and Kyoko Kirisaki to recruit him. Rinslet is hired by Jenos to obtain the mysterious spirit water. Igor drinks the Spirit water and attacks Eve, but is defeated by Train.


"A Charming Cat"

1 December 2005

Train, Sven, ad Eve set out to capture Gyanza Ruijke while Rinslet tries to obtain the Spirit Water. They defeat Gynaza and Charden and Kyoko. Train learns that Creed is still alive.


"A Runaway Cat"

8 December 2005

The Apostles of the Stars attack the world Confrence at Sangles City. Train attacks Creed but is unable to defeat him and Sven takes a bullet meant for Train. Rinslet also reveals Sven's past.


"An Imitation Cat"

15 December 2005

Durham doesn't understand Creed's obsession with Train and sets out to challange him. Meanwhile, a man called Woodney pretends to be the legandary Black Cat. He meets Eve then gets attacked by Durham until Train arrives and defeats him. Woodney decides to become Train's apprentice and accompanies the others.


"A Fighting Cat"

12 January 2006

Cerberus attacks the Apostles of the Stars' headquarters. Train goes after Creed after learning of his location. Sven and the oters follow him and are captured. Train forsakes Creed to save his friends.


"A Love Cat"

19 January 2006

After Creed kills Durham, Charden and Kyok decide to leave. Kyoko decides to make Train a chocolate cake. Doctor develops a bullet filled with nonomachine named Luicfire and attempts to shoot Kyoko with it, but Train jumps in the way and takes the bullte instead, turning into a child in the process.


"A Chibi Cat"

26 January 2006

Train and Eve meet Tim, Layla, and other children who live in an abandoned building and are threatened by a gang who wants to kick them out of their home. Train relives his past and helps Tim. In the end, Train turns back to normal.


"A Distant Cat"


Sephiria decides to deal with Train but is attacked by Charden Flamberg. Train and Sephiria defeat the ex-Apostle and Sephira gives Train an Orichalcum bullet. Lin Xiao Li becomes the ew Number X.


"A Dragon-Hunting Cat"

2 February 2006

Train, Eve, and Woodeny head out to find a pet lizard whom turns out to be a dinasour. Sven joins a group called the Sweeper's Alliance. The Alliance subdue's Flora and split the reward. Train learns of Creed's loaction nd sets out to find him.


"A Dozing Cat"

9 February 2006

On his journey to Kraken, Train meets a Saki who bares a striking resemblence to Saya, He helps Saki protect an infant from someone who wants to kill it. It all turns out to be a dream.


"A Sailing Cat

16 February 2006

The Alliance discover the Glin is actually Number X and disband. They help defend a town from strange monsters and re-band to capture Creed. Unfortunatly, their ship is destroyed by Echidna Parass.


"A Scampering Cat"

23 February 2006

The Chrono Numbers invade Kraken Island and attack the Apostles. The sweepers reach the island and attack the Apostles. Train and Sephiria head out to fight Creed.


"A Confronting Cat"

2 March 2006

Train confronts Creed and the two fight. Sven fights Preta Ghoul and defeats him. Creed's powers reach their full potential and is about to kill Train but the former Number, with the help of Saya's ghost, uses the Orichalcum bullet and defeats Creed. Creed relives his past while Eve removes the Nanomachines from his body. Mason Ordrosso, along with some memebers of Chronos and the Apostles, betrays Chronos.


"A Drowning Cat"

9 March 2006

Eve is taken by the Zero numbers. Train ad Sve try to rescue her but are easily defeated. Eve is put into a machine called Eden.


"A Claw-Sharpening Cat"

16 March 2006

Rinslet tracks down Tearju Lunatique, Eve's creator, who expalins what Eden is. Train recruits everyone he knows to help him and Sven rescue Eve.


"A Cat in Paradise"

23 March 2006

As Eden grows bigger, Train and his friends attempt to stop him. They finally manage to get Eden onto the ground and make thier way inside.


"A Wayward Cat"

30 March 2006

Train and Sven head off to save Eve while the others fight the Zero numbers. Train confronts Zagine's ghost, deafts him, and save's Eve. He leaves everyone else and heads off on his own.