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Inspector Baldwin
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March 17th

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183 cm / 5'0"


66 kg /145.5 lbs



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Policeman (Formerly)


Black Organization


Chapter 64

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Inspector Baldwin (ボールドウィン Bōrudou~in) is a corrupt police officer who was in league with the Black Organization mafia. He was also the one who killed Tim Vertical's father.


Baldwin is a tall man with short hair and glasses, wearing a black suit.


Baldwin looks at first, cold, composed and professional, but deep down he is a corrupt, greedy, morally bankrupt and sadistic and man. Not only does he cooperates willingly with known criminals, but he goes as far as comitting crimes to cover his tracks. He kills innocents in cold blood with blatant glee, and orders the death of a child without batting an eyelid.

Worse, he dismisses Tim' father's honesty and ideals as idiocy and is extremely arrogant and smug, believing that his rank in the police puts him above the law and protects him against everything. However, his smug facade crumbles when he learns that he is about to be exposed, and he tries to shoot Train while yelling insults.

Manga Plot

Vengeance Arc

One day, Train, Sven and Eve, stumble upon Tim, who is tracked down by criminals in black coats attempting to shoot them all. Seeing Train dispatch them effortlessly, Tim asks Train to kill the man who killed his father. Tim reveals that his father was a journalist who got proof of a drug trafic in which many corrupt cops were involved, only to get murdered by one of them. Now, the criminals are searching for the microfilm that Tim was given, as it contains all the proof.

Recognizing his younger self in Tim, and knowing full-well that telling Tim that revenge is bad upfront would be useless, Train pretends to agree and devise a plan with Sven. That night, Murdoch and his men track them down, only to get captured by Train, who disguises himself as Murdoch to enter the police station where Baldwin is working. Train gives him a fake microfilm, which Baldwin burns, gloating about the "void efforts of that journalist".

Train then reveals himself and sneaks Tim in Baldwin's office, before threatening him with his gun. Baldwin smugly mocks him, stating that killing him would have him arrested and that there is no proof against him anymore, but Train reveals that the real proof was taken to the authorities. Furious, Baldwin reaches for his gun, but he stands no chance agains the Black Cat, who seemingly shoots him in the heart. (in fact a paintball with a potent sleeping drug.)

Deeply shaken by the death of a man he thought he wanted, Tim is relieved to learn that it was all fake. As the revelation of the trafic leads to many arrestations, most likely that of Baldwin himself, the protagonists take Tim to his relatives, and he vows to become a journalist, that one day would get their interview.


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