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I am the demon.


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Also known as

Princess (by Train Heartnet)

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11-13 (Manga)
7 (Anime, but physically appears to be 11-13)


December 24[1]

Blood Type



133 cm / 4'4" (Beginning)
144cm / 4'8" (End)


30 kg / 66.1 lbs (Beginning)
36kg / 79. 4lbs (End)

Hair Color


Eye Color



Tearju Lunatique (Creator)
Torneo Rudman (Previous Owner/"Father")


reading, ice cream, watching Sven



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Torneo Rudman (Former)


Chapter 5


Episode 1

Voice Actors
Japanese Voice

Misato Fukuen

English Voice

Brina Palencia

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Eve (イヴ Ivu) is one of the main characters in the manga and anime series, Black Cat. She is a genetically engineered bio-weapon. She, Sven Vollfied, and Train Heartnet work together as Sweepers.


Eve has long, honey blonde hair that also doubles as a weapon in many of her battles. She has bright magenta eyes like her creator Tearju Lunatique (though in the manga Tearju has green eyes). Her vision is better than avenge about 20/13 (1.5 in Japanese measurements). She has the appearance of a young, 11-year-old girl. Later, she cuts her hair into a bob.

Eve's style tends to be a mix of classic femininity and Gothic Lolita. She often wears dresses, bows, and boots. Her preferred color of clothing is black. After being freed from Torneo, her style transforms from a plain black dress and shoes to more elaborate clothing.


As a genetically modified clone, Eve has a robotic and straightforward personality. Originally accustomed to doing what others instruct her to, she becomes very focused when there's a good bounty. She's also competitive with Train, wishing to replace him as Sven's partner in the manga and generally wanting to be better than him in the anime.

Since Eve was raised in a sterile, closed-off environment, she is initially extremely innocent and naive. She had no idea what ice cream was until Sven introduced her to the sweet treat. After joining Train and Sven, Eve becomes very interested in the world around her. With an inquisitive mind, she becomes highly knowledgeable and enjoys reading books. She also likes to observe others to learn more about them. Her favorite book is "Heart-Pounding Survival" (Maroon Library).


Eve was created by Tearju Lunatique for a research funded by Toreno Rudman, who raised Eve in isolation. Eve was taught that she was a monster and her only purpose in life was to kill. She was then rescued by Train and Sven and became a sweeper.

In the anime, her origin is slightly different. For starters, Tearju was never hired by Torneo to create Eve. Instead, Eve was created as part of a project called Eden, but Torneo arranged an accident at Tearju's lab in Vioburg and kidnapped Eve, making her his weapon.

Manga Plot

Eve Arc

Eve is created as a clone of Tearju Lunatique, the leading researcher on a team hired by Torneo Rudman. She is created with nanomachine technology and thus has the ability to transform parts of her body into any weapon or form she chooses. Eve is raised in an isolated environment and saw nothing beyond the laboratory and mansion of her owner.

Train and Sven first come across Eve after agreeing to help out an infamous thief named Rinslet Walker. She wants to get some of the valuable research from Torneo's laboratories and the sweepers stand to gain a large bounty if they capture him. They head to the small country of Sapidor, where Torneo and Eve are. Train goes off on his own to scope out Torneo's mansion and he witnesses Eve killing several of Torneo's less efficient subordinates on his orders. The underworld tycoon calls it 'playing tag' but Train intervenes before Eve can kill the last one. She is surprise to sense that Train has 'the scent of blood' on him just like she does.She leaves to find Train, but meets Sven instead. Torneo takes her back, but the two sweepers rescue her. From there on, Eve tags along with Train and Sven on their journey.

Lunafort Arc

After Creed kidnaps Rinslet, Train sets off to save her. Eve is worried and tells Sven not to let Train go, otherwise he will die, but the man assures her that Train always finds a way.

Gyanza Arc

After capturing their targets, Ricky and Johnny, the trio head to Rubeck city to capture the criminal, Gyanza Rujike. Eve acts as bait and is severely injured by Gyanza. Fortunately, Sven and Train subdue him and Gyanza dies from overusing his tao.

Afterwards, Eve feels like she messed up. Train comforts her, and she decides to get stronger so that she can replace him as Sven's partner. 

Graveyard Arc

While Sven is visiting his old partner's, Lloyd Goldwynne, grave. Eve watches in awe as Train practices shooting. Sven returns and berates Train for using too much bullets.

Dinosaur Arc

After Train is tricked into attending a birthday party by Rinslet, Eve and Sven drive him there. Eve attends the party while Sven sleeps and runs into Rinslet. When Flora crashes the party, Eve takes her on, but is unable to defeat her. Train leads her outside and subdues her instead.

The Impostor Arc

Upon hearing about someone posing as the Black Cat I Fector town, the sweepers go there to investigate. Eve runs into the impostor, who is a man named Woodney, and knocks him out. The sweepers take him to the house they are staying at. When Woodney wakes up, he suggests they get lunch, and Train agrees. They go to town and run into the criminal, Stamper Wilson. Stamper challenges the 'Black Cat' (Woodney) to a duel, but Train, posing as the Black Cat's disciple, takes the challenge instead. He easily defeats Stamper and the sweepers leave afterwards.

The Mad Gunman Arc

While at home, Eve is attacked and severely wounded by Durham Glaster. She walks up in an underground hospital and learns that Train has dealt with Durham. However, because of what happened, Sven has decided that it was safe for her to stay with Annette. Eve is upset at this, but agrees nonetheless.

Sven and Train leave to chase their target, Kelly Barris, with Sven unaware that Eve has followed them. Kelly takes a hostage and threatens to blow up the two of them unless Train to give him his gun. Kelly sees Eve in the crowd and orders her to give him the gun. Eve complies, but give him a replica made from her hair. Kelly is distracted, allowing the sweepers to subdue him. Afterwards, Sven agrees to let Eve accompany them again.

Vengeance Arc

The sweepers go to Champais town, where they capture the criminal, Donald William. Afterwards, Eve goes fishing with Sven while Train walks around town.

Days later, Eve and Train make a bet: If Eve can get Train to draw out his gun in 5 minutes, she gets to make a wish. She wins and wishes for Train to buy her and Sven lunch.

As they are walking in town, they run into Tim Vertical, a young boy being chased by the police. Train scares off the cop and Tim asks him to kill someone for him.

Back home, Tim explains that a police man, Baldwin, killed his father, who was a journalist with evidence of Baldwin's dealings with a mafia. Tim escaped with the film and vowed to avenge his father. He begs Train to kill Baldwin for him, and Train, after some time, agrees.

At night, they are attacked by the police lead by Murdoch. Train defeats them and devises a plan. Eve tries to talk Tim out of it, stating that revenge will solve nothing. Tim however, refuses to listen and goes with Train the next day to get his revenge.

After Train teaches Tim a lesson, they take the boy to his grandmother's house.

Cerberus Arc

The three go to Stock town to capture a new target, but soon discover that it was a bogus, as the man they were after was arrested two days prior. Later, they notice how some men have been following them. A lost man approaches them and asks for direction. He then tells them the Apostle's location, which is an old castle.

Upon entering, Eve suddenly feels strange, so she stays behind with Sven while Train carries on. Afterwards, Train returns with Rinslet and the four leave before the castle is destroyed. They come across Chrono Number X, who was the lost man they had encountered. HE introduces himself as Lin Shaolee and inquires about Train's history with Creed, but Train refuses and threatens to shoot him. Lin bids them goodbye and leaves.

Lucifer Arc

Eve and Sven are brought to Creed by Echidna Parass. Creed intends to kill Sven in hopes Train will join him. He shoots a nanomachine-filled bullet at Sven, but Train takes it.

They return to their hotel and watch in shock as Train is transformed into a child. Later, Train takes a walk and brings back Kyoko, who is running from Chronos. Two Numbers, Baldorias S. Fanghini and Kranz Maduke, crash their hotel room, intending to assassinate Kyoko. Sven and Train try to negotiate with them, but to no avail and the three sweeprs end up fighting the crazed Numbers.

The battle is interrupted with the arrival of Jenos Hazard and Rinslet Walker. Jenos tells the other two Numbers that they are ordered to return to HQ, and the two reluctantly comply. Rinslet reveals that she knows of someone who can help Train: Treaju Lunatique, Eve's creator.

The three got visit Tearju, who is shocked to see Eve. She tells Train that he can return to normal if he imagines his older self. Train goes outside to concentrate, while Sven and Eve talk with Tearju. Tearju reveals that Eve is her clone, which is why they resemble one another.

That night, they are attacked by Echidna Parass, a new Apostle named Eathes, and the Shooting Star Brigade. Sven and Eve try to fight them, but they are outnumbered. Train, now back in his old self, arrives and dfeats them with his new power, the Rail Gun, causing the two Apostles to flee.

Sweeper Woman Arc

Train finally tells Eve and Sven about the history between him and Creed, and what happened to Saya. After hearing the story, they all agree that Creed must be captured.

Alliance Arc

At a sweeper café, Train and Eve meet a sweeper named River Zastory and an informant named Glin. River, who is aware that Train is the Black Cat, challenges him to a duel, which he loses.

Glin tells them that he is forming a Sweeper Alliance and they can only join if they win a video game he personally designed. After winning the game, albeit with some difficulty, Train and Eve get the meeting's address and join the Alliance.

They learn that the Apostles are hiding at an island and set out to capture Creed. Their boat is attacked and destroyed by Shiki. Eve washes up o the shore and finds Kevin McDoughall. They run into Leon Elliot, who wound Kevin. Seeing this, Eve decides to take on Leon, and makes him promise her to quit the Apostles should she win.

They duel, and Eve manages to defeat him. She and Kevin reunite with River and Train and break into Creed's castle. There, they find Mundock and Touma Fudou injected with a nanomachine known as 'Berserker'. They fight the two brainwashed sweepers, who injure both Kevin and River. Eve uses her powers to revert them back to normal, but this catches the attention of Doctor.

Eve and Train find themselves trapped inside the Doctor's Warp World. Eve is separated from train and captured by Doctor, who intends to dissect her to study her. Train manages to save her just in time and knocks the doctor into unconsciousness.

The Two reunite with Sven and come across Eathes, who joins their side after Train easily defeats him. Eve and Sven battle Echidna and the Kiseitai while Train goes to battle Creed. Eve and Sven defeat their opponents and soon discover that Train has as well. Eve uses her powers to revert Creed back to his human self, as it is the appropriate punishment for him. They then allow Echidna and to take him and escape.

A Carefree Tomorrow

After the battle with Creed, Eve cuts her hair into a bob and resumes sweeping with Train and Sven. 

Anime Plot

Train and Eve's first meeting in the anime.

Train infiltrates the mansion and points a gun to Eve's head, with her remarking that she smelled blood. Sven interrupts and attempts to save her, leading Train to be targeted by Eve's bodyguards.

Eve's transformation.

She leaves the mansion, and Sven finds her in the park. There, Sven buys her ice cream and they both feed pigeons the cones. She is abducted by her guards, though, and Sven is unable to catch up with them. Sven and Rinslet attempt to save her, but she is injected with the N.S serum by Torneo, transforming into a mindless, killing machine.

Later, Sven saves her from dying in the explosion of the lab. Train is still after her, and points a gun to her head, but stops before pulling the trigger. She then becomes a part of the team.

She and Sven go to the fireworks show, and Eve senses Train. They find him nearly dead and take him back to their hideout where she nurses him back to health for the next week.

During the final confrontation with the Apostles, Eve fights Leon, but only with enough force to stop him. She wanted him to return to his former life with friends, something she succeeds at.

Later, she is kidnapped by the rogue Chronos number, Mason Ordrosso and hooked up to a machine called "Eden". In there, in her dreams, she meets the soul that dwells in her, Adam. However, with some distraction, Eden veers off course. Train manages to destroy Eden, and saves Eve.

Equipment and Abilities

Bodily Manipulation: Eve is able to use nanotechnology to transform her body into various weapons. Initially only able to alter limited parts of her body, she is later able to transform her entire body at will, though it causes much strain on her body.

Arms: She generally turns her arms into blades, hammers and shields

Feather Bullet

Hair: she can turn her hair into fists, hammers, and microblades able to cut through steel
Skin: Eve turns her own skin into steel


Wings: she sprouts wings from her back to fly and fires the feathers as projectiles
Tail: Eve transforms into a mermaid in order to swim more efficiently.

Feather Bullet: Is Eve's first projectile attack but it isn't meant to kill people so it is weak in comparison to her other attacks. The feathers are formed from incomplete nanomachines.


Train Heartnet

Train and Eve bickering.

When they first met, Eve felt that Train was just like her due to the "smell of blood" on his gun. After joining him and Sven, Eve begins to see Train as an opponent and tries to replace him as Sven's partner, but she eventually no longer cares about that. In the anime, the two had a rough start since Train was ordered to kill Eve. Because of this, she did not trust him. Upon finding him unconscious and injured, she saved him and nursed him back to health. However, she still did not trust him, and tried to put a bell on him because he was "a bad kitty". Over time, the two got along well, though had a short-lived rivalry. Train also likes to call her "Princess".

Sven Vollfied

Sven and Eve01.jpg

Sven and Eve have a father-daughter relationship. In the anime, Sven was the first person to treat her with kindness and not view her as a "monster"; causing Eve to become attached to him. In the manga, Eve grows jealous of Train and tries to replace him as Sven's partner. After being wounded by Durham Glaster, Sven decides that she should no longer accompany him and Train on their missions, upsetting Eve. He later lets her come with them because without her, something was missing.  

Rinslet Walker

They get along fine. Rins tried being an older sister figure to Eve, but the young girl was not interested.

Tearju Lunatique

Tearju and Eve01.jpg

Tearju is Eve's creator. Before their meeting, Eve had wondered who her mother could be. When they met, Eve asked her about their relationship. Tearju revealed that Eve was a clone and that she was too young to be her mother. Surprisingly, Eve told her that she was relived. In the anime, Tearju offered Eve to come with her, but the girl declined.

Torneo Rudman

Eve's previous owner. Their relationship lacked any love or compassion as they were merely master and pet. Torneo saw Eve as a weapon and a property, not a human or a child. While Eve obeyed his every order, she did not like killing anyone and was afraid of her "father", which promoted her to leave with Sven.


Eve hates him for trying to vivisect her. When she saw him on the ground, unconscious, she stuck out her tongue at him after remembering what he tried to do to her.

Leon Elliott

Their first meeting was on the battlefield. Before fighting, Eve made him promise her that if she won, he would leave the Apostles. Leon greatly underestimated Eve, so he was surprised that  a "softie" like her managed to defeat him. He asks if she is going to kill him, to which Eve replies that "stopping him is good enough", surprising him yet again.  


Despite having just met, Eve and Layla got along and became good friends.

Tim Vertical

Though they did not interact much, Eve showed concern for Tim, and tried persuading him to stop seeking revenge, telling him that murder won't solve anything, to which the boy angrily replies that she doesn't know anything, and Eve states that she, in fact, does. In the anime, after hearing about why Tim keeps fighting the gangsters, Eve tells a de-aged Train she wishes to stay with Tim, Layla and the others so that she can protect them.  


Golden Darkness from To Love Ru

  • When Kentaro Yabuki was coming up with Eve's name, he wanted it to be something that gave the impression of innocence and purity.
  • In the Abrahamic traditions, Eve is the first woman, made from one of the ribs of the first man, Adam.
  • In To Love-Ru, a manga that is written by Saki Hasemi and illustrated by Kentaro Yabuki, Eve and her powers were used as a design for the character Golden Darkness. Both of these characters share the same voice actor, creator and name (Golden Darkness' real name is Eve).
  • Eve is one of the few characters to appear in all episodes of the anime.


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