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The Charming Cat
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Miwaku suru Neko


The Charming Cat
A Charming Cat

Air Date

December 1, 2005

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Shin Itagaki


Shuichi Kouyama

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Daia no Hana



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Train Heartnet, Sven Vollfied, and Eve head to Rubeck City to catch their next target: Gyanza Rujike. Meanwhile, Rinslet Walker continues her search for the spirit water.


A young girl is walking at night in Rubeck City. She is suddenly attacked by Gyanza Rujike. Two IBI agents arrive, but are unable to save the girl from being killed. Gyanza then kills one of the agents and asks the other about former IBI agent Sven Vollfied, whom the agent does not know, then kills him.

Rinslet Walker goes off in pursuit of the spirit water while the trio goes after Gyanza Rujike, who was enhanced by the power of Tao and was arrested by Sven years ago. Train temporarily leaves the group in search of milk, and meets Kyoko Kirisaki, who falls in love with him after he saves her from a gang in the moment she was about to kill them. Train ignores her and returns to the group to prepare to capture Gyanza.

Kyoko meets up with her partner, Charden Flamberg and they head to Gyanza's hidout, only to meet his "siblings" instead. Charden allows them to steal the spirit water and Gilberth drinks it, only to die. To avenge their "brother", the two siblings attack the Taoist, but are easily killed.

Sven disguises himself as a woman to make Gyanza attack him, but the criminal does not show up.

Rinslet arrives at the hideout and finds the spirit water, but it is empty.

Gyanza appears when Kyoko calls for him to talk to him about joining them. He reveals that he has changed his mind and is about to attack her, when Train arrives, much to the girl's pleasure. They fight and by using his right eye, Sven helps Train to defeat Gyanza, who eventually dies because he has abused his powers. Charden then comes and introduces Kyoko and himself as Apostles of the Stars, a group created by Creed Diskenth.

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