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The Cat Under Fire
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Nerawareru Neko


The Cat Under Fire
A Targeted Cat

Air Date

November 10, 2005

Staff Information

Shin Itagaki


Shuichi Kouyama

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Daia no Hana



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Sephiria Arks and Train are attacked by one of Creed's Tao masters. They escape when Saya's song dispels his magical insects. Saya goes to the wharf to watch fireworks with Train, but Creed shows up and kills her. Train takes revenge against Creed.


As Sephiria Arks fights Train Heartnet, Creed Diskenth fights Ash and Nizer Bruckheimer. Train and Sephiria argue about their beliefs. Creed kills Ash and Nizer attempts to avenge his deceased partner, but gets stabbed. Train and Sephiria's fight is interrupted by one of Creed's comrades, Shiki, who seeks to take Train, but his insects are disrupted by Saya Minatsuki's song. Train escapes and before Sephiria can chase after him, Mason Ordrosso arrives and tells her that Creed has become a greater priority.

Saya joins Train and the two race, with Saya declaring herself the winner. They arrive at Train's place where they agree to attend a festival and watch the fireworks that will be set. Saya also gives him back his gun.

Outside, Creed and Shiki watch. Creed decides to do something about the sweeper.

The next day, Eve asks Sven Vollfied to take her to the festival so that she can see the fireworks. Chronos agents arrive at Annette Pias's cafe and search it, but are unable to find Eve, as she and Sven escape.

Train wakes up to find a letter on his window from Creed and after reading it, rushes to the festival, where Saya is already present. She meets a trio of young children and spends sometime with the, even winning prizes for them. She later leaves to find a place where she can see the fireworks and awaits Train. Creed instead shows up and fight her, injuring her ample times as result. As he is about to finish her off, the trio of children to their direction. Creed decides to kill them, but before he could, Saya manages to shoot him in the leg. He gets back up and stabs her. Train arrives and is shocked to see her dead. He punches Creed and holds Saya as she dies in his arms, her last words being that he should never part ways with his gun and can put it to good use. Enraged, Train attacks Creed.

Character Appearances


  • While Saya is at the Carnival, Creed is seen behind her, with his back turned.
  • Annette's keychain is a black version of the white cat.


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