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The Departing Cat
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Ketsui Suru Neko


The Departing Cat
A Determined Cat

Air Date

November 3, 2005

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Shin Itagaki


Shuichi Kouyama

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Daia no Hana



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Train decides to leave Chronos because of a conversation with Saya. Chronos sends Creed Diskenth to kill Train, but Creed is defeated. Creed then asks Train to join him in a revolution against Chronos. Sephiria Arks goes to stop them.


Having defeated the guards, Train Heartnet shockingly decides to let his target live and tells him to leave before the night is over.

A group of men from Chronos are investigating Torneo Rudman's destroyed mansion to ensure that Eve is dead.

Meanwhile, Sven Vollfied, Rinslet Walker, and Eve are hiding at Annette Pias's home. Sven decides that he will take care of Eve, as Chronos may still be after her.

Train meets Saya Minatsuki again and asks her why she is working as a sweeper, to which she replies that it is because she believes it is the right thing to do. Train thinks about her words before leaving and taking a walk in the town, where he meets Belze Rochefort and is ordered to report to Headquarters.

At Chronos HQ, The Elders ask why the Chrono Number has been allowing his targets to live. Train replies that if he now does whatever he feels is right.This does not sit well with Elders and Sephiria Arks, who promises that their next meeting will be a battlefield.

As Sephiria and Belze discuss what they will do with Train, Creed Diskenth volunteers to take care of his partner. The woman agrees, but tells Belze to keep an eye on him.

Creed goes to persuade Train, who has no intention of returning to Chronos. They battle and Train is victorious. He warns Creed to stay away before leaving. A group of men from Chronos arrive and tell him to stand by until further notice. One remarks that it is impossible to defeat "that guy". His choice of word trigger Creed, who kills them.

Having been notified of the incident, Belze informs this story to Mason Ordrosso, who is shocked that Creed would kill three of their own agents.

At night, Train meets Saya and gives her his gun, stating that he does not need it for the time being. Unaware to the two, they are being watched by Creed, who does not like what Saya is doing to the assassin.

Sephiria, Belze, and Mason discuss the ongoing investigation regarding Eve and what to do with Creed and Train. Sephiria decides that she will personally handle Train Heartnet.

Creed again meets Train and invites him to start a revolution against Chronos by joining a team he has created over the past few years. He does not notice Sephiria's arrival and that she heard his plans. She offers Train one last chance to return to Chronos, but he refuses, so she attacks.

Character Appearances


  • Rinslet's dress is short-sleeved, but in one scene, it's long-sleeved.
  • Train breaks Creed's Kotetsu. In the Manga, it was Saya who did so.


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