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The Grinning Cat
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Hohoemu Neko


The Grinning Cat
A Smiling Cat

Air Date

October 27, 2005

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Shin Itagaki


Shuichi Kouyama

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Daia no Hana



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Rinslet Walker and Sven Vollfied rush to save Eve before Train Heartnet can assassinate her.


With Eve returned, Torneo Rudman states that she needs a stricter education and orders his men to tighten security.

Despite maximum security, Sven Vollfied and Rinslet Walker successfully infiltrate the mansion. Unfortunatly for them, the Black Cat arrives and races them to Eve. the thief and sweeper duo separate, with Sven chasing the Chrono Number and Rinslet goes to search for the nanotech data. Seeing that he cannot outrun the assassin, Sven uses his Vision Eye to find Eve.

Rinslet infiltrates Torneo's research lab.

Torneo orders Eve to kill the Black Cat when he arrives. When he sees that she is having doubts, he slaps her.

Rinslet wanders into the destroyed lab, wondering who could have done this damage. She finds a note signed by Tearju Lunatique, the authority on nano-technology. She then finds something that shocks her.

As Black Cat is nearing towards Eve, Torneo orders his henchman, Morris Flitt, to prepare the NH card. Flitt is reluctant, but obeys.

Sven arrives at Eve's room and destroys the surveillance cameras.

Rinslet is walking around while looking at the monsters held in the lab.

Sven tells Eve that they should leave, but the Black Cat arrives, and he and Eve prepare to fight. Torneo encourages her to kill the assassin through the flower-shaped communicator while Sven encourages her not to. In the end, Eve listens to Sven. Train however, is adamant on killing the bio-weapon. Sven punches him and uses this chance to escape with Eve, but Torneo arrives. Flitt paces the NH card on Eve's chest, turning her into a monster. She viciously fights the Black Cat. Sven manages to removes the card from Eve's chest, but not without getting stabbed. Eve returns to normal and she and Rinslet tend to the injured sweeper. Torneo discovers that his research lab was set on fire.Despite warnings from his men, he walks towards the fire, eventually dying.

Rinslet, Sven, and Eve watch the the fire burn and the two adults discuss Eve's future. Suddenly, Train arrives and aims his gun at Eve. Surprisingly, he chooses not to shoot and walks away.

Although he overdid it, Chronos is satisfied with Train's actions.

Later, Train meets up with Saya Minatsuki and for the first time, he smiles

Character Appearances


  • This wouldn't be the last appearance of the nanomachine control device. It appears again in episode 21.
  • The bombs Sven uses, are used by Train in the Manga.


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