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The Cat in the Dark
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Yami no Naka no Neko


The Cat in the Dark
A Cat in the Dark

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October 20, 2005

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Shin Itagaki


Shuichi Kouyama

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Daia no Hana



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Sven arrives as Train is about to shoot Eve. Her kidnappers interrupt them, and they both retreat. Sven confronts Rinslet, who explains that Eve is a bio-weapon. Sven runs into Eve at a park and befriends her, giving her ice cream. However, Eve is re-captured.


Sven Vollfied and Elena arrive at Torneo Rudman's mansion as Train Heartnet is about to shoot the young girl known as Eve. Torneo's men interrupt them, forcing Sven, Elena, and Train to escape.

The next day, Sven confronts Elena,who turns out to be the famous thief-for-hire, Rinslet Walker, concerning what she really wants. Rinslet explains that Eve is a genetically engineered bio-weapon and that she wants to take the data from Torneo's experiments.

At Torneo's mansion, Torneo orders Eve to kill a henchman, who failed at preventing intruders from entering the mansion. Eve initially obeys the order, but then decides that this man is not the target and leaves. Two guards try to stop her, but she easily escapes.

Sven runs into Eve at a park and befriends her. As both eat ice cream, Eve is re-captured by Torneo's right hand man, Morris Flitt.

That night, Creed Diskenth visits Train Heartnet and asks him if he did not shoot because Eve was a child. He tells the notorious assassin that the girl is actually a bio-weapon capabilities of transforming into anything she wants.

Meanwhile, Sven is getting ready to rescue Eve while telling Rinslet that Eve is not a weapon, but a mere child.

Creed advises Train to kill Eve sooner rather than later because as a weapon, she is still incomplete. Convinced, Train decides to complete the mission and sets out to kill Eve.

Sven sets out with Rinslet to rescue Eve.

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  • The scene where Sven and Rinslet jump down from Torneo's mansion may be a reference to how Train and Rinslet jump from the Lunafort Tower in the manga.


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