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The Cat's Paradise
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Rakuen no Neko


The Cat's Paradise
A Cat in Paradise

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March 23, 2006

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Daia no Hana



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Eden uses the consumed people to go to a more powerful, second stage. After Leon, Kyoko and Charden encounter and join them, the heroes trap Eden by luring her into a canyon using Sven and fireworks as bait. A battle ensues with the Zero Numbers while Train and Sven attempt to enter Eden to save Eve.


As Eden continues consuming people, Leon, Tim, Layla and the rest of the children run to avoid being consumed. Meg trips and Tim goes to help her. Leon uses his board and Tao to drag them away from Eden, but Tim loses his grip on the board and is consumed.

The military attacks Eden, but they are unable to stop it. Inside Eden, Eve starts remembering her friends. Adam catches her and tells her not to think of the terrible things outside of Eden. She is then attacked by eels and fights them, unaware that she is actually fighting the military.

Sven watches in horror as Eden attacks the army. Tearju tells him that it's actually Eve, something Sven could believe. They run into Leon and his family, who join them to rescue Tim. After a lunch break, they deduce that Eden's next stop will be the city of Palmila and continue their journey and meet Kyoko and Charden, who also join them. They formulate a plot to get Eden to change his course with something Eve loves, Fireworks. Since they don't have any, Leon heads off to get some.

The whole team waits for Leon's return and are shocked to see Eden's evolved appearance. Finally, Leon returns with the fireworks and passes out from exhaustion. They light up the fireworks and succeed in changing Eden's course. Adam tries to re-set the course to Palmila, but Eve doesn't listen to him. He manages to temporarily re-set it, but Train and Sven lure it away from its course and trap it in a canyon. With Eden down, everyone gets on top of it to save Eve. They are attacked by the Zero Numbers, but the Chrono Numbers attack them, allowing Train and Sven to go on.

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