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Oboreru Neko


The Lost Cat
A Drowning Cat

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March 9, 2006

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Daia no Hana



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Mason, along with a few traitorous Numbers and Apostles, has formed the Zero Numbers. They have a plot that involves taking Eve to Eden, a giant experimental machine. They kidnap Eve by placing a device on her that removes her personality and makes her an unemotional weapon.


The people of Kraken island thank the Sweepers for liberating them. Ellie is reunited with her parents as Eve watches and remarks that family is a great thing.

Rinslet is searching for information and comes across a project known as Project Eden and decides to look into it.

Chronos HQ is attacked by an unknown enemy and kills everyone there.

Belze and Sephiria ask Mason what is going on, but instead of answering, he attacks them with a new power.

The sweepers return home and celebrate their victory despite being upset that they couldn't collect Creed's bounty. Later, when everyone leaves, Sven discusses school with Eve. Upset, Eve leaves to the docks and is confronted by Doctor who uses the N.S serum to control her and abducts her.

Back at Kraken Island, the numbers regroup and Sephiria tells them about Mason.

Rinslet finally discovers where Dr. Tearju Lunatique is after typing the right password, Omlettes. She goes to visit her, claiming that she is her cousin. When she first sees her, Rinslet is shocked by her appearance.

Train and Sven search for Eve after she's been gone for a long period of time. They run into Ellie, who tells them where Eve was last seen and that she was accompanied by a man. From Ellie's description, they deduce that the man is Doctor.

They find Eve at an abandoned warehouse, in the hands of Mason's group. Doctor oders Eve to attack them and she does, easily defeating them both. Shiki arrives with a helicopter, and the Zero numbers escape, Eve with them.

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  • The N.S Serum is in the Doctor's possession. In Episode 4, it was with Sven. This could mean that Doctor somehow managed to steal it, or there was more than one serum created.


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