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The Sprinting Cat
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Shisou no Neko


The Sprinting Cat
A Scampering Cat

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February 23, 2006

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Daia no Hana



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The sweepers and the Chronos Numbers attack Creed's Island. Train meets Creed and fights him. Eve fights Leon, showing him who his real partners are.


Chronos invades Kraken Island and attack the Phantom Star Bridge. Echidna tells Creed, who is playing the piano, that their forces are engaging the Chrono numbers, but Creed isn't interested and is waiting for Train instead. The sweepers reach the island's shore in separate groups: Train, Silphy, Lacdoll, and Gallom. Eve, Mundock, and Lin. Sven, River, Touma, and Kevin. Eve gets separated from her group and finds Leon. Before they fight, Eve makes Leon promise her that if she wins, Leon will return to his friends. Not taking her seriously, Leon attacks her.

Sven and his group fight Doctor. Train and his group defeat the Phantom Star Bridge, whom are revealed to be the strange monsters they fought before. Doctor makes a fog and more improved monsters attack them. Meanwhile Eve continues to fight Leon.

Sven's group defeats the monsters, only for more of them to appear. On another part of the island, Sephiria and David are confronted by Maro. David asks Sephiria to leave this "meat daruma" to him. Sephiria agrees and leaves the two to fight. In the end, both are killed by Maro's gravity ball.

Eve fights Leon and easily defeats him. She tells him that the Apostles do not care about him. Echidna tells Creed that Leon is down, but Creed claims he doesn't know anyone named Leon.

Sven, Eve, and Train reunite and face Preta Ghoul, who injures Silphy. Sven tells Train to go after Creed while he and Eve deal with the Taoist. At the same time, Sephiria is coming after Creed as well.

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  • David defeated Maro the same way Train did in the manga.


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