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The Cat and the Lizard
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Ryuu wo Karu Neko


The Cat and the Lizard
A Dragon-Hunting Cat

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February 2, 2006

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Daia no Hana



Episode 15 Episode 17


Sven looks into a sweeper alliance formed to catch Creed Diskenth. Train and Eve go after a lost pet lizard, Flora. The lizard turns out be a Tyrannosaurus, but Train and his friends manage to subdue it. Train learns of Creed's location—a small island in the Adonia Sea called Kraken—from the alliance, and heads out alone.


At the Apostles' HQ, Echidna asks Creed if it's true that there's a bounty of 3,000,000,000 on his head. Creed believes the sweepers are wasting time, but then realizes that if Train saw the poster, he will come after him.

At a cafe, Train is watching a movie while Eve asks Sven where Rinslet is. Sven replies that she is in a hotel with a soft bed, something Eve would love to sleep in if they weren't broke. Sven is shocked when he sees Tanya is here and demands coffee and pancakes. While looking at the bounty posters, he sees Creed's bounty and an announcement about forming a Sweeper's Alliance. He attempts too hide it from Train. Woodney walks and tells the trio that he has found a job for them: A 100 grand for finding a lost pet, which does not impress them, but Sven seizes the opportunity to distract Train by telling Eve that hundred grand are enough to let her sleep in a soft bed. Eve and Woodney convince Train to come and go to the owner: Madame Freesia.

Sven goes to the meeting place where the Sweeper's Alliance is taking place and meets other sweepers and Grin, the man who wrote the announcement.

Train, Woodney, and Eve ask locals about Freesia's lost pet, Flora, and are confused when the whole town freaks out. They meet up with Rinslet who helps them in their quest.

Back at the meeting, the sweepers are arguing on who gets to be the leader. Sven asks Grin if he knows where Creed is. The man replies that he does, but will only tell if Sven joins them. Sven reluctantly does.

Train and the others search the sewers and meet River Zastory who has lost his way and somehow ended up here. He tags along and when they find Flora, whom turns out to be a dinosaur, immediately run away, Flora hot on their tails. They end up at the meeting place and all the sweepers fight and successfully subdue her. Flora is returned to Freesia who increases the bounty and the sweepers divide it among themselves. Grin reveals to Train Creed's location, despite Sven's protests.

At night, Train abandons his friends and goes after Creed.

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  • Echidna and Maro are the only other members of the Apostles of the Stars to have bounty posters aside from Creed.
  • Train appears to be watching a Godzilla movie


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