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The condition of Chronos wanes as Creed Diskenth reveals its existence and the corrupt nature to the world while he seeks media attention. The Numbers grow restless, and Sephiria moves in to seek answers from, and even to kill, Train. However, Sephiria is interrupted as Charden Flamberg interferes and combats both, but is defeated by Train. Afterwards, Sephiria gives Train an orichalcum bullet to use later.


Chronos HQ is under attack by theKiseitai. An injured Beluga fights them off while remembering Cerberus' last mission where Nizer died. Jenos arrives at the scene too late and finds that Beluga has died from exhaustion.  

Creed Diskenth reveals the existence of Chronos to the whole world on Television. Charden Flamberg interrogates Chronos agents and demands to know where Number I is, then kills them when they don't answer.

 Creed's revelations causes Chronos to lose financial aid. The elders ask Sephiria about the results regarding the new numbers. Sephiria decides to deal with the former number, Train Heartnet, herself  and puts Belze in charge, unaware that Charden is watching her.

 Sephiria meets Train at night and demands he return Hades, but Train declines, stating that he is using Hades to make up for all the lives he has taken with it . They fight, but are interrupted by Charden who asks Train to leave because he only wants to deal with Sephiria. When Train refuses, Charden attacks them both. Sephiria manages to subdue the Taoist and just as she is about to finish him off, Train interferes telling her to not kill in front of him. Sephiria finally sees that Train has indeed changed and agrees to no longer bother him. She gives him an orichalum bullet for a later use before leaving.

 Charden manages to escape and decides to go on his separate way.

 Back at the HQ, Sephiria inductsLin Shaolee into the numbers as the new Number X and gives him his weapon, Seiren. 

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