"We have another target for you Sweeper!"
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The False Cat
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Itsuwari no Neko


The False Cat
An Imitation Cat

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December 15, 2005

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Daia no Hana



Episode 10 Episode 12



During a conversation, Creed Diskenth tells Durham that he is no match for Train, leaving him irritated. While searching for a criminal, Train's group discovers that their target has already been captured by a man impersonating Black Cat. Eve meets such person, Woodney, and it turns out that he is using such identity to scare people who want to bother him. Still, Eve befriends Woodney and secretly defeats a trio of people wanting to defeat Black Cat before they proceed to attack Woodney. Meanwhile, Jenos Hazard finds Rinslet and requests her to stop pursuing the Apostles of the Stars, though she denies doing that, as she wants to find the Tao potion. When Rinslet and Sven search for Creed's group alone, Durham finds and threatens Eve to know Train's location, but Woodney tries to protect her. Train then encounters Durham, and easily defeat him. Next day, with Woodney's help, Train's group make Durham tell them Creed's location.

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  • Somehow it's known that Black Cat is now a sweeper. Train never refers to himself by his old moniker unless he doesn't want to reveal his real name to someone.
  • The No. 13 tattoo is known as well, but the fact it's a Roman numeral on the collar bone isn't known.
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