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The False Cat
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Itsuwari no Neko


The False Cat
An Imitation Cat

Air Date

December 15, 2005

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Shin Itagaki


Shuichi Kamiyama

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Daia no Hana



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Woodney impersonates the Black Cat, causing Durham Glaster to target him.


Seeing the damage caused by the Apostles of the Stars in Sangeles City, Sephiria Arks agrees to let Jenos Hazard and Cerberus deal with the terrorist group and their leader.

At a bar, a criminal named Blum Pullman is arrested by a person claiming to be the infamous Black Cat.

Sven Vollfied, Eve, and Train Heartnet are on their way to a new town to catch their next target: Blum Pullman. Train is asleep, so he does not notice the insect sent by Shiki to spy on him.

While watching his ex-partner, Creed Diskenth tells Durham that he is no match for Train, leaving him irritated.

Jenos Hazard meets Rinslet Walker at a bar and requests her to stop pursuing the Apostles of the Stars, though she refuses, as she wants to find the Tao potion. He agrees to let her continue, but will not offer any help. Rinslet agrees.

Upon their arrival, The sweepers discover that their target has already been captured by a man impersonating Black Cat.

The imposter, Woodney, is walking around town when he bumps into another man. Initially intimidated, Woodney yet again pretends to be the Black Cat, scaring the man, whom offers to take him to a place with lots of beautiful women.

Sven asks Train what he will do about the imposter, to which the ex-assassin states that he will do nothing.

Meanwhile, Eve goes to the Pharmacy to get Sven medicne. After that, she walks around, visiting other shops until she overhears men talking about ambushing the Black Cat.

Woodney leaves the place and runs into Eve, who tells him what she heard. He does not believe her until the men come and challenge him to a gun fight. Woodney wins thanks to Eve, who secretly defeats the trio.

Rinslet arrives at the town and requests Sven to help her find Creed. She is not the only one to arrive, for Durham Glaster arrives as well.

After his "fight", Woodney invites Eve to a restaurant, where they are attacked by Durham, who threatens Eve to know Train's location, but Woodney tries to protect her. Train then encounters Durham, and easily defeat him.

The next day, with Woodney's help, They make Durham tell them Creed's location. They head there, with Woodney taging along.

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  • Somehow, it is known that Black Cat is now a sweeper. Train never refers to himself by his old moniker unless he does not want to reveal his real name to someone.
  • The No. 13 tattoo is known as well, but the fact it is a Roman numeral on the collar bone is not known.
  • The scene where Rinslet refuses to quit is similar to the one in the manga where instead of Jenos, it is Sephiria who offers her to back down from the job.


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