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You can't arrows!

—Emilio Lowe

Emilio Lowe
Biographical Information

エミリオ ロウ


Emirio Rou

Also known as

Number III

Basic Information


Hair Color

Light Green

Eye Color



Active (Manga)
Deceased (Anime)

Professional Information



Chronos (formerly)
Zero Numbers

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Emilio Lowe (エミリオ ロウ Emirio Rou), known as Number III, is a member of Chronos. While he is briefly referred to, he never physically appears in the original manga. In the anime, he is a member of the Zero Numbers who defect from Chronos. He uses an Orichalcum bow and arrows as a weapon named Artemis, and is able to fire them at an extremely fast rate. While on Eden, he is able to constantly revive due to nanomachines and Tao, though it kills him once the connection is severed. He takes part in the attack on the Apostles of the Stars.


Emilio had a rather scholarly appearance, with round glasses, and wore a black suit with a purple undershirt. He also wore a yellow tie, striped with black. His eyes were a bright pink, and his hair was white.


Emilio's personality is remains obscure due to not much screen time. He seemed merciless, and displayed overconfidence at the fact that he could not die while in Eden.

Anime Plot

Number III arrives at the Apostles' island and interrogates one of their soldiers.

Equipment and Abilities

Emilio's Bow.

Marksmanship: Emilio's weapon of choice is a silver bow, created out of Orichalcum. He fires golden arrows, which he can load three at a time and fire them simultaneously.


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