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Sephiria, leave this Meat Daruma to me.

—David Pepper

David Pepper
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デイビッド ペッパ


Deibiddo Peppā

Also known as

Number IX

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Voice Actors
Japanese Voice

Takaya Kuroda

English Voice

Daniel Drumm

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David Pepper (デイビッド ペッパー Deibiddo Peppā) was the Chronos Number IX until his death. He only appeared in the anime.


David wore a black suit jacket and pants, as well as a purple undershirt and a black tie, decorated in white. He had long, black hair, kept in dreadlocks and parted down the middle. He also had a goatee and mustache.


He and Jenos Hazard seemed to be close, with Jenos getting worked up about his death. Also, David may have been friends with Train Heartnet, as he did not want Train to see him die, as if they had a friendly rivalry. David was also rather confident in his abilities, and wasn't shaken by his opponent's power, even if they had the upper hand.

Anime Plot

David is one of the Chronos Numbers that participates in the final confrontation. He faces the Apostle, Maro, whose ability to control gravity rendered his cards useless. Instead, David used his own power against him, forcing him to create a gravity "bubble" to fall on both of them. Train finds a wounded David, David tells Train that he is sorry that Train had to see him like this after not seeing each other in a long time. David died shortly there after, Train mourns David for a brief moment before continuing his search for Creed. Jenos buried him when he found him.

Equipment and Abilities

David's Cards

Sigurd: David used a deck of playing cards made out of orichalcum called, Sigurd. While in use, they glow gold and are able to cut through even the hardest surfaces.


  • David is one of the few Chronos Numbers who do not appear in the manga.
  • David defeated Maro the same way Train did in the manga.
  • In the second opening of the Anime, David is seen with fair skin and blond hair.


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