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Kyōko's Crush
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English Kyōko's Crush
Volume 10
Chapter 86
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Kyōko's Crush is the eighty-sixth chapter of the Black Cat manga and the second chapter of Volume 10.


Sven Vollfied is walking through Stock town, miserable that not only are they stuck here until the car is fixed, but also that the repairs will cost them two grand, so they will have to cut down on their spending. He looks around, hoping for a crime to happen, but then chides himself for wishing such a terrible thing for selfish reasons. His wish comes true when he spots a thief steeling a woman's purse.

Train Heartnet recognizes Charden Flamberg as the man with the top hat that they met in Rubeck City, which surprises Rinslet Walker. Charden recognizes her as the woman who was with Cerberus. The man then assures them that he and Kyoko are only here for food and supplies and Kyoko tells them that they are no longer members of the Apostles of the Stars.

Sven chases after the thief, but cannot catch him. The thief runs into Kyoko, knocking her down. He takes her as a hostage. Kyoko attempts to burn him, but Train quickly knocks him out before she could. This causes Kyoko to instantly like him.

Belze Rochefort calls Sephiria Arks to inform her about the report on Cerberus. Once he tells her, she thanks him and hangs up. Sephiria looks down and cries, stating that she will never get used to death, be it friend's or foe's.

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