Russian Roulette (ロシアンレット Roshian Retto) is the 8th chapter of the Black Cat manga.

Russian Roulette
Kanji: ロシアンレット
Romaji Roshian Retto
English Russian Roulette
Volume 1
Chapter 8
Previous Chapter 7
Next Chapter 9


The chapter starts with Sven walking covered in blood, then collapses on the side of the road. The next scene shows Train and Rinslet walking back to the room and are surprised that Sven is awake. Train tells Sven to relax while he gets Torneo, but Sven tells Train he is going to. Train agrees but says he will let his gun decide. Train then loads one bullet in Hades and tells Sven that he has to shoot his right hand and he doesn't he wo'nt bring him along. Sven thinking no bullet is in Hadespulls the trigger and a bullet is shot out. Sven and Rinslet freak out, Train then tells them that he fiddled with the bullet and it was only light and sound. Later Train and Sven are then outside Torneo's mansion.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Sven Vollfied
  2. Eve (flashback)
  3. Torneo Rudman (flashback)
  4. Train Heartnet
  5. Rinslet Walker