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Train Approaches
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English Train Approaches
Volume 8
Chapter 75
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Train Approaches is the seventy-fifth chapter of the Black Cat manga and the eighth chapter of Volume 8.


Shiki informs Creed Diskenth that Cerberus have avoided battle with Charden Flamberg so that they can fight him. He requests Creed let him dealing with them himself, but Creed refuses, stating that the Doctor should be done with the preparations by now.

Belze Rochefort is on the phone, informing the agent sent to spy on Train Heartnet to end surveillance and move on to stage two. Once he finishes the call, he asks Sephiria Arks if she wishes to proceed. The woman remains silent.

In Stock town, Train along with, Sven Vollfied and Eve are eating instant noodles while talking about how the men who had been following them. A man comes up to them and asks for direction, then gives them information about the Apostles' location as a thank you. The man leaves and meets up with the men who had been following the sweepers and reveals himself to be Lin Shaolee, Number X.

The three Sweepers head towards the Apostle's castle and are surprised to see the destruction Cerberus caused.

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