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Chapter 70's Cover.jpg
Kanji: ケルベロス
Romaji Keruberosu
English Cerberus
Volume 8
Chapter 70
Previous Chapter 69
Next Chapter 71

Cerberus is the seventieth chapter of the Black Cat manga and the third chapter of Volume 8.


Nizer Bruckheimer asks Sephiria Arks if Rinslet is really useful if she can not keep her mouth shut long enough to hear the commander. Jenos Hazard tells the Number not to underestimate her, as she makes up her lack of refinement with her boobage. In response, Rinslet throws a cup at him. Sephiria states that she is the one at fault, as she did not choose her words wisely. She then discusses further business with the thief. Sephiria tells her that about twenty sweepers going after Creed Diskenth have vanished in Stock town. This most likely means that Creed is there. Sephiria states that she will dispatch Cerberus - that is a special team consisting of Jenos, Beluga, and Nizer- to check if Creed really is there, but to do so, they need Rinslet's help. Rinslet tells her that she does not take orders, but Sephiria interrupts and asks her if she is afraid, as Sephiria would rather give her up now than put Cerberus in jeopardy. Enraged, Rinslet makes a deal with the woman: If Rinslet helps Cerberus get Creed, Sephiria will resign her position as the commander of the Chrono Numbers and she does not want to see her face ever again.

In Stock town, Charden Flamberg kills a group of sweepers after Creed's bounty. Maro asks him if he is alright. Charden replies that he is. Maro complains that all they do nowadays is attack sweepers and and wonders why the Numbers have not found them yet. Charden advises his comrade not to underestimate the Numbers.

Cerberus and Rinslet Walker arrive in Stock town.

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