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Rinslet's Ordeal
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English Rinslet's Ordeal
Volume 8
Chapter 69
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Rinslet's Ordeal is the sixty-ninth chapter of the Black Cat manga and the second chapter of Volume 8.


At Loel City Station, Jenos Hazard is flirting with two girls until Rinslet Walker arrives and punches him. They get on the train where Rinslet asks why he was ordered to deliver her to Coastal City. The Number replies that Number I wants to see her. They arrive at the city, where a black car pulls up and Sephiria gets out along with two men. Rinslet is shocked that this woman is actually Number I and says Jenos is just pranking her. Sephiria laughs and tell her only idiots would judge a book by its cover, which annoys Rinslet. Sephiria then invites her to try Jipangu cuisine.

At a place called Teahouse Hukushu, Sephiria praises the thief for collecting data using one photo of Charden Flamberg and Kyoko Kirisaki and in a short time. Rinslet brags that she is a professional, then Sephiria states that she needed to be sure she could rely on the thief. Realizing that this was a test, Rinslet angrily stands up and yells that she does not like being trifled with. Just as she is about to quit, Number XI places a knife at her neck, while Number V aims a gun at her head. Sephiria tells her that quitting is no longer an option.

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