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English Attack
Volume 7
Chapter 65
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Attack is the sixty-fifth chapter of the Black Cat manga and the eighth chapter of Volume 7.


Murdoch and his subordinates barge in the house to find it deserted. Suddenly, the lights are turned off and someone knocks out all the policemen, save for Murdoch. The man pulls out two guns and starts shooting at the sweeper, who dodges the bullets.

Eve wakes up and asks Sven what is happening. The man answers that the men who were chasing Tim have tracked them down. Two men come from behind, but before they can do anything, Sven shoots them. He tells Eve to take Tim and go, but the girl wants to stay and help. Sven tells her that she can help by protecting Tim, as he is not used to all this. Tim stubbornly shouts that he does not need to be protected by girls shorter than him, which annoys Eve. He then asks Sven if Train will be alright. Sven tells him that he trusted Train to avenge his father, so he should not stop believing in him.

Murdoch is shocked to see that Train managed to dodge all the bullets. Train then punches Tim, knocking him to the ground. The sweeper remembers what Tim told him about not letting the murderers get away with killing his father, causing him to remember his past.

Seeing the little boy, the assassin confesses that he did not know his victims had a child. Train is unable to say a word as the assassin aims his gun at Train's head. He asks the boy if he wants to live and tells him that he will let Train decide between life and death. Train says nothing.

Train jumps on Murdoch and demands to know who his boss is, clarifying that he is going to help Tim get his revenge.

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