Playing Tag (鬼でって "onidette") is the sixth chapter of the Black Cat Manga.

Playing Tag
Kanji: 鬼でって
Romaji "onidette"
English Playing Tag
Volume 1
Chapter 6
Previous Chapter 5
Next Chapter 7


The chapter starts with Train telling Torneo that he is a Sweeper, and then escapes over the gate. Eve tries to follow him, but doesn't know where he went, so she starts running. Back at the restaurant, Sven tells Rinslet that he will look for Train. Sven then gets a call from Train telling him he is in Torneo's mansion. As Sven hangs up he notices a man picking on Eve, so he threatens the man with a gun. As he looks at Eve she tells him she is "the Demon".

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Eve
  2. Train Heartnet
  3. Torneo Rudman
  4. Morris Flitt
  5. Rinslet Walker
  6. Sven Vollfied