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Sven's Heavy Heart
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English Sven's Heavy Heart
Volume 6
Chapter 53
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Sven's Heavy Heart is the fifty-third chapter of the Black Cat manga and the sixth chapter of Volume 6.


Walking though the streets, Sven Vollfied thinks about Eve.Train Heartnet notices that his partner is once again, lost in thought, so he grabs his attention. He points out that Sven has been like that since they reached the city. Realizing his partner is right, Sven promises to keep an eye out for their target, Kelly Barris. Sven goes to check in the main plaza, while Train checks at the Train station. While walking, Sven sees a little girl with ice cream and remembers the time Eve got ice cream for the two of them. He gets lost in thought and bumps into a woman, who slaps him.

At a park, Kelly Barris is planting a bomb.

Sven continues walking and sees a fortune teller who tells him that the person he is trying to find is near. At this moment, an explosion is heard and Sven heads to it's direction, where he sees Barris and tells him not to move.

Train runs towards the main plaza, wondering where his partner is at.

Sven introduces himself as a sweeper and tells the bomber that he is arresting him. Barris chuckles.

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