The Girl in Black (黒衣の少女"kokue no Shōjo") is the fifth chapter if the Black Cat manga.

The Girl in Black
Kanji: 黒衣の少女
Romaji kokue no Shōjo
English The Girl in Black
Volume 1
Chapter 5
Previous Chapter 4
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Three days after the alliance offer with Rinslet, Train, and Sven go to Sapidor. They meet Rinslet and decide to get something to eat, after a while Rinslet notices that Train is missing. Sven tells her he is at Torneo's mansion. At Torneo's mansion Train easily jumps the wall. Train then smells blood, and notices a man on the floor, Toreno and a young girl. The girl called Eve by Torneo is about to kill the man, but Train steps in, saying tag isn't like that where he comes from. Back at the restaurant Rinslet tells Sven that Toreno works on creating the ultimate Bio weapon.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Sven Vollfied
  2. Train Heartnet
  3. Rinslet Walker
  4. Torneo Rudman
  5. Eve
  6. Morris Flitt