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The Summit Is Destroyed, and...
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English The Summit Is Destroyed, and...
Volume 5
Chapter 42
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The Summit Is Destroyed, and... is the forty-second chapter of the Black Cat manga and the fourth chapter of Volume 5.


The summit begins and the leaders debate on what to do about the rise of global crime and violance.

Outside, Maro uses his Tao to crushes the a group of IBI soldiers guarding the summit. Leon Elliot uses his Tao to suffocate another group. Shiki attacks an IBI soldier by having an insect eat him, which Echidna Parass describes as "morbid" before asking if Creed Diskenth made it into the hall safely. Shiki tells her not to worry.

The summit is nearly over, but then everyone is surprised by an explosion. Eric panics when he sees that some of the leaders have been killed. He is shocked to see Creed in front of him. Creed tells him that he is the only one left and approaches the man, who tries to offer the Apostle anything so that he can be spared. Unimpressed by the man's attempts, Creed tells him that he wants a world without Eric, before killing him. Satisfied, Creed orders Doctor to gather the rest of the Apostles.

After the attack, Chronos Elder Willzark realizes that Chronos is at war and orders Number I, Sephiria Arks, to assamble a team, go to Sangeles City, and crush the Apostles of the Stars. Number I obeys.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance