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Spark of Revolution
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English Spark of Revolution
Volume 5
Chapter 41
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Spark of Revolution is the forty-first chapter of the Black Cat manga and the third chapter of Volume 5.


In Sangeles City, Belze Rochefort calls the president, Eric, to ask if everything is alright in the city. Eric assures him that everything is alright. Belze reminds him that seven key members of Chronos will attend the world summit, and if the Apostles of the Stars attack, the damage will be serious. Eric doubts that the Apostles will attack, since attacking the summit is declaring a war on the world. Still, the number believes they should be caucious. Ecric informs him that he has contacted tge IBI and they have the security everywhere, so that even if the Apostles attack, they will not be able to get through. Eric excuses himself and ends his call with Belze, who is still not assured.

The Apostles are standing on a roof overlooking the city. Creed Diskenth orders his comrades to kill all 20 leaders and anyone who stands in their way. Doctor asks him if he intends to turn the world against them, to which the man replies yes. Durham Glaster asks the swordsman how does he want them to be kill the leaders. Creed replies in anyway Durham pleases.

Durham approaches two police officers and shoots one, causing the other to scream. Two other policemen hear it and drive to where they heard the scream, but Kyoko jumps at the car and blows it up. Creed uses his Imagine Blade to slice a helicopter and declares that the revolution has begun.

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