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The Gathering of the Apostles of the Stars
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English The Gathering of the Apostles of the Stars
Volume 5
Chapter 40
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The Gathering of the Apostles of the Stars is the fortieth chapter of the Black Cat manga and the second chapter of Volume 5.


On an Island, Creed Diskenth is telling Doctor the story of Lucifier. Doctor does not understand why Creed is telling him this, so the latter explains that he does not want to spend eternity, so if he is going to start a revolution, he first wants to make sure he can win it.

At school, Kyoko Kirisaki is being lectured by her teacher, Kunio Goda, who is angry at Kyoko's absences that lead to her grades slipping. Kyoko gets a text message and quickly leaves, angering her teacher even further.

Somewhere else, Charden Flamberg gets a message on his phone and says that it is time.

Back on the island, Maro finds Shiki and asks if it is time. Shiki replies that it is and that he has notified their comrades, so they should arrive in two days time. Meanwhile, helicopters pick up different people in several places.

Two days later, Creed is explaining their first attack to Docter, Shiki, Maro. They will target the world summit that 20 world leaders will attend, among them are Chronos key figures. Creed then test his powers by destroying a statue. He wishes Train had joinedthem, but hopes that in time, he will. The rest of the Apostles arrive and Creed welcomes them.

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