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An Alliance
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Kanji: 同盟
Romaji dōmei
English An Alliance
Volume 1
Chapter 4
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An Alliance (同盟"dōmei") is the fourth chapter of the Black Cat manga and the fourth chapter of Volume 1.


Train and Sven talk about the alliance Rinslet said. She tells them that she needs their help killing Torneo Rudman.Train insist that they go, and if they didn't "it would ruin his rep." He then shoots a owl statue that turns out to be a camera set up by Rinslet. Impressed, She swears there is no man she can't manipulate and Train won't be a exception. At 2:00am at Toreno's house a guard tells Toreno that the usual man is here to see him. Toreno tells him that with his God research he can destroy this boring world.

Characters in Order of Appearance