What The Living Can Do is the twenty-eighth chapter of the Black Cat manga.

What The Living Can Do
Chapter 28's Cover
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Volume 3
Chapter 28
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Just as the Belze, Charden, and Kyoko are about to battle once more, Shiki arrives was giant insect to inform the two toaist that they are leaving. Charden and Kyoko protest, but Shiki tells them that theses are Creed's orders, so the three toaists leave.

Karl is shocked with train's decision to take only 1 / 10th of the bounty. Train explains that 1.5 million is enough for him and that it is the right thing to do for the person who raised him, before leaving. the Butler asks Karl what train meant and Karl States that he found train when he was 10 and raised him for 3 or 4 years. the Mayor remembers the day when he found train before smiling and saying that Train has grown up.

Back at the hotel, Sven yells at train for refusing to take the whole bounty. Train reminds his partner that it was he who told the ex-assassin to handle things.

Two days later, the three sweepers are about to leave when they see the old man they met at a bar. He asks them if they were planning on leaving without seeing him. Train happily tells him that they have fulfilled their promise. He then tells the old man that all they can do for the dead is to smile and keep on living. The old man smiles and the three sweeper leave.

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