Blood is the twenty-seventh chapter of the Black Cat manga.

Chapter 27
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Volume 3
Chapter 27
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Using a knife, Charden cuts his hand, much to Belze's surprise. He informs Kyoko that he's ready.

At the town hall, Train and Karl are conversing about Chronos and the Apostles of the Stars. Karl reveals that he was told Belze would come to Rubeck city this afternoon to hunt down two apostles. 

Back at the grave yard, Kyoko charges at Belze, while Charden holds him down using his blood. Kyoko then uses her super hot inferno breath to set the assassin on fire. The two toaists compliment each other, but thenthey hear a voice from the flames. Turns out, Belze survived the attack using his fire-proof coat. Just as Kyoko is about to fight again, Charden stops her and asks Belze how he feels about Chronos controlling the world. The Time Guardian admits that while it's not great, there would be chaos if Chronos left the world alone. Charden offers him a place among the Apostles, but Belze refuses. 

Train tells Karl that he couldn't care less about what the Time Guardians or the Apostles will do, whether theworld changes or there is a revelution, he would only be "concerned with tomorrow's dinner." This causes Karl to laugh, and when Train asks why he's laughing, the older man replies that he truly felt this was Train' "own" opinion and that he'll always be a stray cat.

Back at thegrave yard, Kyoko, Charden, and Belze are about to battle again.

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