Number II Bares His Fangs is the twenty-sixth chapter of the Black Cat manga.

Number II Bares His Fangs
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Volume 3
Chapter 26
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At the grave yard, Belze introduces himself to Charden and Kyoko, then states that he intends to kill them. Charden asks him about what he's saying, to which the Time Guardian reveals everything he and Chronos know about the Apostles of the Stars, something Charden finds impressive. Kyoko asks her partner what they should do and the older taoist tells her that since they were destined to fight Chronos, killing one of the Numbers wouldn't be a bad idea. Kyoko likes this idea and steps closer to the Time Guardian. Belze warns her that he doesn't go easy on women or children, which doesn't concern Kyoko at all. The young taoist charges towards Belze while heating up her arm. Belze moves out of the way, causing Kyoko to come in contact with a tombstone, destroying it in the process. Kyoko continues to attack Belze, while the assassin continues to dodge. He eventually attempts to strike her with his weapon, Gungnir, but Kyoko quickly moves out of the way. Kyoko grabs hold of the weapon and attempts to melt Gungnir by licking it. She fails however, since Gungnir is made of Orichalcum. Belze then out a grenade from his coat and throws it at Kyoko. The grenade explodes and Belze turns his attention to Charden. 

At the town hall, Train hears an explosion outside. Karl's butler informs him that Karl has returned.

Back at the grave yard, Belze is interrogating Charden, who has no interest in answering. Kyoko emerges from the flames and warns the assassin not to take the taoists lightly. She informs Charden to use his powers to hold Belze down so that she can kill him. Charden agrees. 

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