The Princess Blew It is the twenty-fifth chapter of the Black Cat manga.

The Princess Blew It
Chapter 25's Cover
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Volume 3
Chapter 25
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At J.C Collins Airport, Belze Rochefort is looking at a picture of Kyoko Kirisaki and Charden Flamberg.

With the the trio, Sven Vollfied asks Eve if she's alright, and after she assures him that she's fine, Sven falls on the ground from exhaustion. He tells Train Heartnet that he's going to gave to leave the rest to him, and Train tells him that it's alright. Eve is concerned about Sven's health, so Train assures that this happens whenever Sven uses his right eye and that he just needs to sleep for 6 or 7 hours to recover. Kyoko tells Train that he's brave to take on a Tao user before attempting to kiss him. Before she can do so however, Train smacks her and asks her what she knows about Tao. At this moment, Charden appears next to his partner and tells the sweeper that they were the ones who gave Gyanza Rujike his powers. Cha4den goes on to introduce himself and Kyoko as members of the Apostles of the Stars and assure Train that they are not here for him, but to witness Gyanza's death. The criminal notices that his body is shrinking, so Charden explains that it's because he used to much Tao. After Gyanza dies, Charden and Kyoko leave, but not before the older taoist tells Train how impressive that a "third rate" could defeat a Toaist, to which Train calls him arrogent. The sweepers leave and return to their hotel afterwards.

At the hotel, Train notices that Eve is upset and asks her about it. She tells him that she was no use today as she was scared and had to be protected by Sven. Train chuckles and reminds her that the two sweepers warned her that being a decoy was scary. Train then tells her, while rem that if it weren't for her being a decoy, they wouldn't have succeeded. Eve says that being cheered up by Train feels like "utter defeat", much to the man's shock. The girl decides that she'll become stronger than Train, leaving the ex-assassin wondering where she got that competitive spirt, before deciding to go visit Karl Walken.

Charden and Kyoko are at a graveyard, waiting for Shiki. They are approached Number II, who thanks tgem for saving him the trouble of finding them.

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