Eye on the Future is the twenty-fourth chapter of the Black Cat manga.

Eye on the Future
Chapter 24's Cover
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Volume 3
Chapter 24
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In the sewers, Gyanza Rujike focuses all his ki on his upper body so that his muscles grow. In the city, Kyoko and Charden sense this surge in ki energy. Kyoko asks her partner if they should kill him, but Charden reminds her that they're here to keep an eye on him.

Back with Train, Eve, and Sven, the ground begins to shake, indicating that Gyanza is returning. Sven uses his vision eye and orders Train to jump back, right in time for Gyanza to emerge from the ground. Train takes out his gun, but before he can do anything, the taoist escapes. Sven asks what kind of bullet was Train going to use and Train tells him a burst bullet. The other sweeper tells him to use a bullet with a blue top, one that will immobilize Gyanza.

Back in the sewers, Gyanza uses his Ki to track the sweepers down while remembering his encounter with Creed Diskenth, Charden and Kyoko. He re-emerges from the ground and attempts to attack Sven and Eve, but unknown to him, Sven had used his vision eye to see the future and stepped out of the way. Train shoots the Taoist with a special bullet that freezes Gyanza's body while Charden and Kyoko watch from a rooftop.

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