Gone Fishing is the twenty-second chapter of the Black Cat manga.

Gone Fishing
Chapter 22's Cover
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Volume 3
Chapter 22
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At Gyanza's hideout, Charden asks if Gyanza knows why they're here and Gynaza replies that they're here to pick him up. Charden asks him about the promise, that Gyanza would join them if his powers awaken. The man tells them he has no intention of fulfilling it, much to Kyoko's shock and frustration. Charden tells him to think about it. Kyoko asks her partner why he didn't get angry. Charde says it's because Gyanza has gone insane due to gaining sudden powers, so he proposes they watch from a distance.

Train is suffering from a hangover while Sven is intercepting police radio to get information. Sven tells them the best way to capture Gyanza is "Fishing". He and Train clarify for Eve that it's a technique Sweepers use to catch their targets: You make yourself a decoy, then when the target approaches, you catch him. Sven then tells Train to dress up like a girl, since most of Gyanza's targets are women and children. The two argue about who will be the decoy until Eve suggest she do it. Both men reject her offer, but Eve tells them that she understood what Sweepers do when she saw the old man cry at the bar and begs Sven to let her be the decoy.

In Rubeck City's Vira section, Eve is walking around while Train and Sven watch out for Gyanza. Gyanza appears from the sweres and grabs Eve.

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